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Are you looking for specialised and interactive English Tuition that precisely meets your needs?  Then, look no more!

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The Nurturing Tutor Hub

What Do I Teach?

An Inspirational UK English Tutor with a history of exceptional GCSE and A-Level examination results.  Reputed for оutstаnding teаching and for cоnsistently rаising the аchievement level оf my pupils, оften by severаl grаdes, my aim is to bring English to life and instil in you a love for the subject.  I am committed to offering you a tailored, interactive and specialised online tutoring service in English Language and English Literature that precisely meets your individual needs.  I have a structured approach to tutoring and I am a personable individual with the ability to make complex texts accessible and understandable to students.  A fully qualified English teacher by profession, I have at hand a repertoire of clear strategies to help students make quick and noticeable progress within a given space of time.  Wherever you are on your learning journey, my prime mission is to unlock your full potential and help you achieve excellence in English. 

Specialised tuition for:
KS3 English
GCSE English Language and Literature
A-Level English Literature


GCSE English 

A trained English Specialist teaching English and English Literature up to GCSE and A-Level in mainstream secondary school for many years.  I have a proven track record of producing exceptional GCSE/A-Level examination results in English year in and year out.

KS3 English

Core skills will be developed at this stage to lay firm foundations for the New GCSE 9–1 English.

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Adult Learners

Upon my appointment as the Head of the English Department in a College, I devised ambitious, interactive and meaningful lessons which ultimately led to exceptional GCSE English results being achieved that year.

A-Level English Literature

A Level Texts I cover:
Streetcar Named Desire, A Glass Menagerie, Shakespeare`s Plays, Chaucer`s "A Miller`s Tale", Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, 

 Arthur Miller`s, "All My Sons", 

Poems of the Decade,

The Wide Sargasso Sea,
Victorian Literature including Christina Rossetti, Robert Browning, Thomas Hardy, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Charlotte and Emily Bronte.

      Degree Educated     

   Bachelor of Arts in   English and Linguistics 

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Dark Wood


You taught us lessons and changed our lives 

From stories to poems and activity time

You were our Literary Saviour

Creativity was never a crime

Thank you for giving us our own choices

To thrive and to grow

Thank you for loving us

And for letting our personalities show

Ivy S Year 9 SE London 2017

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